Zooper Tickets
We offer a joint saver ticket for Paignton Zoo and Living Coasts. This ticket offers up to a 25% discount and allows you to visit each attraction once (valid for 6 months). Paignton Zoo

Donate and help us with our charitable work

If you can make a voluntary donation of 10%, this will help fund our charitable work in the UK and around the world. If you donate and are a UK taxpayer, it makes your whole payment eligible for Gift Aid.

What is Gift Aid?

Are you a UK taxpayer? If so, every £1 of your admission could be worth £1.25 to us, helping to fund our vital work. All it takes is a tick!

Gift aid declaration

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We are a charity.
We protect animals in danger around the world. Please donate, it means so much to our work and we cannot claim back Gift Aid from the government if you do not. By giving a little you are helping a lot.
Zooper Adult
£23.50 £0.00
Zooper Child
£16.75 £0.00
Zooper Saver (2 adults + 2 children)
£70.00 £0.00
Zooper Senior
£19.95 £0.00
Total:   £0.00

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