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£1.50 £0.00
Motown 29th September 2017
Featuring Pure Genius and Big Bopper Entertainment. Tickets include a basket meal. Event starts at 7.30pm.
£16.00 £0.00
80's Night Friday 27th October 2017
80's live music and disco with Big Bopper Entertainment.Tickets include a basket meal.Event starts at 7.30pm.
£16.00 £0.00
New Year's Eve-Sunday 31st December 2017
Please note, your seat numbers will be allocated and your table numbers will show on your ticket.Tables may be shared between parties.Event starts at 7.30pm.
£35.00 £0.00
Step Into Xmas-Saturday 25th November 2017
Tickets include a basket meal & disco.Event starts at 7.30pm.
£16.00 £0.00
Step Into Xmas-Thursday 21st December 2017
Tickets include basket meal & disco.Event starts at 7.30pm.
£16.00 £0.00
Total:   £0.00